QT office concepts
make the best use of the extremes of new working environments – openness and retreat, communication and individuality.

The workplace of the future
is not a location, but a movement: communication no longer takes place formally, but spontaneously.

Change Management
for flexible working environments: experience ‐ contribution ‐ enthusiasm. QT is raising the bar.

For more than 50 years
QT has been setting new standards in planning working environments. Today, the office is no longer a fixed place. It is in fact a way of working and communicating.

Successful new working environments
‐ for us this means mobility, flexibility, easy cooperation and top quality work. And we always keep an eye on the demands of future generations.


For more than 50 years, the business consultancy QT has been setting new standards in creating working environments. We advise our clients on organising building layouts, on managing properties and on creating powerful business structures. In every sector.



We develop flexible office concepts for modern space solutions. For a real company culture.

QT projects

All sectors. From individual projects to complex reorganisation processes.

The Quickborner Team

All-rounders and experts, lateral thinkers and innovators. They are as diverse as the fields in which they operate.