The 1970s were the Quickborner Team's decade of foreign activities: From Postbanken und Svenska Handelsbanken in Stockholm to Nederlandsche Persil, IBM Nederland and Shell Petrol Company Ltd. in Brunei to Singapore Airlines in Singapore, the Hamburg planners' designs were in demand around the world. Only the company's U.S. activities were scaled back before they were finally discontinued altogether.


QT was active at the highest levels in 1971 when it planned the optimisation of the Chancellor's Office, then in Bonn, based on Metaplan, its well-known office organisation technique.


In 1973, the company moved to its Hamburg office on Mittelweg, a year that also saw the departure of the Schnelle brothers and Hermann Dunst. With congena in Munich and Com Team in Gmund, several QT consultants went self-employed with their own consulting firms.