At the dawn of the 1990s, the QT was involved in one of the most ambitious projects ever attempted in Germany: the relocation of the federal government from Bonn to Berlin. Commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Regional Planning, Building and Urban Development, the QT developed programs and studies on floor space requirements, occupancy and sites.


At the same time, a new principle of office organisation was tested at the combo offices of VR Leasing, Eschborn, and at Boehringer, Ingelheim. New working forms such as teleworking, the non-territorial office, desk sharing and the increasing mobility of office technologies (e.g. e-mail, internet and notebooks) changed the requirements of planning consulting.


Larger projects that take these working forms into accounts included Asea Brown Boveri (Zurich), Commerzbank (Frankfurt), Heidelberger Druck (Heidelberg) and Siemens AG ICN (Munich).