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Funktions- und Flächenprogramm für den geplanten DEG-Neubau

Function and Space Program for the planned new DEG Building

Client: Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft, Köln


IST evaluation of space requirements for the planned new building of the DEG, identification and documentation of requirements, developement of a function and space program.

Pilotprojekt 'zukunftsorientiertes Flexible Office-Konzept'

Pilot Project "Forward-looking Flexible Office Concept"

Client: Hannover Rückversicherung


Increase in effective use of space, improvement of office procedures, reduction in reaction times with regard to organisational changes and support for the increase in project work in the office. 

Implementation of a forward-looking Flexible Office Concept within the framework of a pilot project at the Hannover location with the following goals:

Bürokonzept „Arbeitswelten 2013“

Office Concept "Working Environments 2013"

Client: Teambank, Nürnberg


Basic evaluation and strategy workshop "Working Environments 2013". Needs assessment of the offices and central special areas. Creation of a fundtion and space program.

Funktions- und Flächenprogramm, Architektenwettbewerb

Function and Space Program, Architects' Competition

Client: Sparda Bank, Nürnberg


Development of a function and space program for the new administrative building. Cooperation in the implementation of a limited architects' competition.

Konsolidierung unterschiedlicher Standorte in einem Neubau

Consolidation of Different Locations in a New Building "ERSTE Campus"

Client: ERSTE BANK Gruppe, Wien


Development of a strategic function and space program and an architects' tender. Organisation and support of the competition process. Expert advice and planning for the future use and occupation of the building. Organisation of the preparation and implementation of the move into the building.

  • Funktions- und Flächenprogramm für den geplanten DEG-Neubau
  • Pilotprojekt 'zukunftsorientiertes Flexible Office-Konzept'
  • Bürokonzept „Arbeitswelten 2013“
  • Funktions- und Flächenprogramm, Architektenwettbewerb
  • Konsolidierung unterschiedlicher Standorte in einem Neubau